2Culture Associates is a partner in the Europeana Archaeology project which began in February 2019 and runs until July 2020.   The project is funded under the European Commission’s CEF Program Telecoms strand, and is coordinated by the University of Vilnius, Faculty of Communication.

The main objectives of the project are:

  • to make available new high quality digital content for Europe’s rich heritage of archaeological monuments, historic buildings, cultural landscapes and artefacts to users of Europeana
  • and to raise the quality of existing content for the archaeological and architectural heritage already available in Europeana
  • while also facilitating the re-use of resources by encouraging institutions to make their content available under open licenses

2Culture Associates role in the project is to provide support and advice, particularly on descriptive metadata for the archaeological and architectural heritage.

For more information about the project see its website: https://europeanaarchaeology.carare.eu/