The 9th June is International Archives Day with events going on in Archives across the world, the Municipal Archive of the city of Girona decided to celebrate the day by publishing a guide to preserving personal archives, based on the experiences of the archive’s technicians.

The guide covers both paper and digital archives.  It offers a useful starting point for thinking about which documents are important to you and how to organise them to keep them safely.  But it is particularly useful when it comes to digital archives.  More and more personal information being created and stored digitally – from emails to family photos and video as well as important personal documents.  Given the rapid developments in technology, and occasional accidents, which affect whether you can access your information on a personal computer, DVDs, flash memory stick or on a social media site, this guide is a useful starting point to thinking about how to store your personal memories for the future.

The guide is available in English on

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